Thursday, 25 September 2008

Women! Get Your Man a Silk Scarf

When it comes to making a fashion statement or accessorizing a special outfit, the one item that everybody wants (and should) have in their wardrobe is a scarf. Even men! Imagine your man in his suit wearing a gorgeous, masculine silk scarf.

A patterned and designed scarf can add a sensational (manly) look... making even the plainest suit look fantastic. Remember, scarves are not only women, but are becoming much more popular for men also. Although there are many different types of fabrics used in the making of scarves for men... silk and pashmina are currently the most popular. But, many men also like the fleece and woolen scarves. For extra softness, the pashmina and silk are preferred.

Reversible scarves or dual color scarves are another major favorite among men. Reversible scarves are those that contain two different colors on either side of the scarf. Most often, both these colors are complimentary and are designed with different combinations. While some contain a plain design on the front and a patterned shade on the back, others are designed with two entirely different forms of fabric.

Men's scarves are slightly different from those of women. Most men prefer scarves that are solid and have straight edges. The most classical example (and best seller) of a men's scarf is the Classic Aviator scarf. This white silk aviator scarf (think the Red Baron in his bi-wing airplane), is double layered silk with straight edges and no tassles. However, there are also scarves for men you prefer tassles. White is a good color to go with almost any color and style of clothes he may be wearing.

It doesn't matter whether the silk scarves are colored or have a pattern or a design on them. The important part is to wear them in such a way they match correctly with the rest of their suits and clothing.

There are unlimited ways of creating a fashion statement among men using silk scarfs. When you go out to buy a men's scarf, make sure you remember to select one that has subtle colors rather then opting for a scarf that to bold in color. Scarves with darker colors are usually a safe bet with coat or the jacket worn in the colors of tan, beige or caramel brown.

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