Saturday, 15 May 2010

Elegant Neck Scarves

1. Fashionable Knot Look

This scarf look makes a great relax and professional look at the same time and works well with open neck lines and form fitting tops and dresses.

Step 1. Fold 10″x60″ long oblong scarf in half and make a wide knot if the middle of the scarf.

Step 2. Wrap the scarf around the neck with the knot centered in the front and hang the ends in the front.

Step 3. Loop both ends through the knot to achieve an elegant and fun big knot tie look.

2. New Scarf Choker Look
This style makes an updated scarf chocker look that looks great with a button down shirt or an open neckline.

Step 1. Fold 10″x60″ long oblong scarf in half and wrap around your neck with both sides equal and make a knot on one side.

Step 2. Loop one side through the knot in the front and twist both sides.

Step 3. Wrap twisted sides around the neck and tie in the back to create a choker look with a knot in the center.

Practice make perfect.

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  2. Hi my name is Shela I am from New York
    i am here to say that your designs are great.

  3. Hi I am Smith from Stanley Lewis.The Stanley Lewis Spring/Summer Collection of luxury mens scarves are made from finest Italian silk and linen available.

  4. I love all of post in this simply blog. keep share about scarf sensation budy.


  5. @Gun: it so awesome, how you use the scarf for sex?

    @Alan: this is not my design, but thankyou for compliment.

    @Smith: your collections are great..

    @scarflover: thank you, keep share..

  6. I totally agree with you. Indeed, practice makes perfect.

  7. women scarf vs mens's scarf. ^_^


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