Thursday, 6 May 2010

How to Tie a Neck Scarf With Simple Knot

Neck scarf

How to Tie a Neck Scarf With Simple Knot:

1. Fold scarf lengthwise to desired thickness.
2. Place the middle of the scarf at the back of your neck so the ends drape in front.
3. Take both ends, knot and pull the knot up to your neck.
4. Optional: fluff some of the fabric over the knot so that the fabric covers the knot.
5. Optional: Pull the knot to the side of your neck.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Beautiful Scarf Action for the Office

Stuck with clothing styles that work-that's it? Use a scarf to brighten the appearance. Scarf or shawl is often called one of the fashion items that must belong to a woman for an alternative style. This one thing can change the look simple indeed you become more chic.

Scarf can turn your performance into a more stylish office. To get a plain suit the office, wear a colored or patterned scarves. You can choose colors and patterns, matching or contrasting. Forms and motives are very diverse make scarves can be worn for any style. Wear it any way you like-liked. Could wound or looped around the neck, can also be draped over his shoulders.

Beautiful Scarf Action for the Office

You need to know, for you are short neck, do not wrap a scarf to cover her neck. It will create more neck look short. Just round the neck and let it remain visible.

In addition to the office, is also very flexible scarf worn at various events, both formal and informal. Solid-matching only with the clothing style you wear. For walking, for example to the mall or to a social gathering event, choose a trendy scarf with bright motifs. Customize with your clothing style.

You can also wear scarves to the party. To be pleasing to the party look more fancy, you can choose the scarf with materials such as silk satin, organdi, and so forth. Pin a brooch accent utuk harmonious as a more elegant appearance.

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