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Scarf Tying Guide For Winter Scarves

Winter scarves are here to stay. These evergreen textile have won in maintaining their place in every season but especially in winter season even people who are not ‘used to’ of scarves pick them for warmth and ease. Scarves are available in almost all colors and textures so even a simple looking scarf is able to make a big fashion statement. Now-a-days not only women’s scarves we can see the sway of men’s scarves too in the market. In chilly winter day’s most popular form of scarves are head scarves, neck scarves and woolen shawls.

Take a look into a few methods of tying scarves.
  • For a casual look drape scarf around neck and let the two ends hang down. To make this style a little different slightly cross the two sides and use brooch to place.
  • If you are going for semi formal and special event or just want to look awesome then glamours yet elegant way of tying scarf will be best for you. In this way of tying- let the one side of scarf hangs down in front of neck and drapes other side over shoulder. This styling will work with all kinds of scarves whether they are woolen scarves, silk scarves or cotton scarves.
  • Did you hear of slip-knot style? If not, it is the most popular way of tying scarf and famous among both men and women. You need to choose long size scarf, size must be ranged between 5 to 6 feet or even longer. Fold scarf in two halves and hang them across the shoulders. Take the sides of loose ends and pull them through the loop. By doing this process, we make them rest in front of neck. To adjust you need to pull loose ends. You can position scarf in center or just let them hanged from sides.
  • Another casual and popular way of wearing scarf is Chic Bohemian way of tying scarf and is equally suitable for both men and women. What you need to do is place the center of scarf in front of your neck. Make two sides to cross in the opposite side of your neck and bring the two loose ends in front of neck then let them hang down. If you don’t want to follow this style you can bring variation in this too. Wrap the scarf around neck many times until whole length of scarf get wrapped then tuck ending point. In this way your scarf will look like a neck warmer.
  • If we look at women’s fashion history most of their outfits are inspired from men’s attires and here is another example of inspired style – a way of tying scarf like men’s business tie. This is a great way of tying woolen or other warm scarves in nail biting cold of winters and is apt for office environment. To tie it- wrap scarf in the back of neck and bring the two ends in front. One end should be slightly longer than other. Now bring the longer side towards the shorter and make a knot in the center of neck. Let the two ends hang then adjust it.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fashion Scarves - Variations

There can be number of upgrades in the model of scarf. Many various styles are produced similar to the newest one is amazing beaded embroidery on the woolen scarf. It is in full demand in winters. You might in addition find hats matching the hue of the scarf. It is a amazing add-on that is donned by both males and women.

Scarf is a amazing piece of fabric that is basically tied around the neck, waist or head. It is employed for both cleaning purpose and for fashion purpose. Scarf can be employed for many various purposes like sweat cleaning, fashion, and protection from cold in winters, etc.
Scarf is a nice small piece of fabric that is tied around neck, waist and head. Now a days many people make use of it for fashion purpose. Scarf can be employed for many various purposes like sweat cleaning, fashion, and protection from cold in winters, etc.

The most popular style of scarves employed is embroidered scarf, silk scarf, designer scarf, head scarf, neck scarf, animal paint scarf, cotton-linen scarf, kids scarf, velvet neck scarf, winter scarf, fur scarf, knit scarf, etc. These scarves are produced by designers, woven, knitted or machine designed or just only hand crafted. Just have a look at some of the scarf styles.

Now a days scarf is in addition employed to secure your hair from wind, dust, sunrays etc. Imagine you are riding on a motorcycle. It is completely open so the wind can make your hair dry and dust can make it dirty. To avoid it you can tie a scarf around your head. A head scarf protects your hair from being tossed away in a windy day.

Embroidery on the scarf is done by hands or by a machine. Hand crafted embroidery is performed by industry experts and is more amazing and pricey than machine produced embroidery. You can purchase one from the market or can opt to put together one of your special choice. If you do not know embroidery then you can in addition consult an expert to put together one for you. Embroidery can be performed on any style of fabric employing any style of threads.

Currently new style of scarf are on the market in which you can find beads attached to the scarf. Embroidery is performed on the scarf with beads. Diverse shaded beads are employed for instance white, black, golden, silver, etc. Order a hue that matches with every fabric. You can in addition opt to purchase vibrant shaded scarf.

Silk scarf is famously employed by Chinese and is made in 1000 B.C. Silk scarf are little expensive because of its fabric and is a amazing piece of art display by the industry experts. You can purchase one from the market that is painted by an expert or can in addition opt to paint one of your special. Silk scarf appear distinctive and matches with all style of outfits.

Scarf originally originated into the brain of a worker of Ancient Roam. Nonetheless he did not apply it for protection from winters. He employed it for cleaning sweat. Males generally make use of scarf for cleaning purpose and tie the scarf around neck or waist. Primarily scarf is tied around neck mainly because it cleans the face easily. Initially only guys employed to use scarf but for cleaning purpose but nowadays it is in addition employed by women as a fashion add-on.

Friday, 23 December 2011

How To Choose Current Handmade Silk Headscarf

With regard to a large number of numerous years cotton scarves have been vital clothing tools for each guys and also girls concerning the earth for the multiplicity associated with leads to. From the fields regarding battle towards the many glamorous trend exhibit silk scarves possess commonly already been notable. So how perform you choose?

Your awesome qualities of pure hand crafted Indian silk scarves because effectively as their outstanding sturdiness and also overall flexibility is definitely an excellent representation and clarifies why they’re often in will need and present excellent really worth for cash.

For you to help you listed here are 4 straightforward strategies to ponder any time choosing your own future hand crafted man made fiber connections.

1. Do not certainly be a Cheapskate

Your high quality of the silk that is applied to create your man made fibre headscarf will certainly impact on how that this cloth is catagorized and also drapes, so consistently decide on one hundred% pure man made fiber to be able to produce your pretty perfect affect. Always be attentive of low-cost alternative fabric which are a lot less costly nevertheless will not have the strength involving pure man made fiber.

2. Care to to become Specific and also Decide in Special Designs

If you’re gonna use money with a spectacular luxurious item next definitely you desire your own structure to be special. Who desires for you to preserve operating in to other people wearing exactly the same style and elegance of headscarf?

With equally the actual mass-made silk merchandise marketed everywhere you go and also artist man made fibre jewelry, you can find that will there are Thousands produced using the exact same designs. Which doesn’t include these types of bogus as well as identical made by hand neckties that are often determined within your regional markets.

Nonetheless, the hundred% hand crafted man made fiber jewelry characteristic completely special types, which means that you could put on your own protected in the expertise which you aren’t going to be ashamed by turning up someplace only to find out a person in addition sporting the exact backup of your chosen format.

3. Next to absolutely nothing may Exchange Fantastic high quality Craftsmanship

Your longevity, appearance and also flexibility from a handmade goods have a direct partnership using the excellent high quality from the craftsmanship. Mass-developed man made fiber connections will normally integrate second-rate skillfullness in comparison towards the made by hand equivalent.

Made by hand man made fiber scarves having said that, are produced making use of classic techniques as well as experience, typically passed down coming from period to be able to era. Glimpse with regard to individuals that have pattern designs stitched into the substance as being a exceptional alternative for the hand-painted types.

4. Choose Eco-pleasant goods

We can just about all accomplish the tad with regard to efficiency along with our planet basically by simply picking a new merchandise that has been created together with tiny or even simply no damaging perception in our area. Hand crafted man made fiber is really a ideal demonstration of these kinds of types of the Eco-pleasant products and also moreover, using the using one hundred% standard fabric dyes, the placing influence is much more decreased.

Made by hand man made fiber fabric is really a drastically enviromentally friendly change when compared with some other type of products this kind of type of as polyester or perhaps nylon material because it is both very biodegradable and does not depend on non-renewable standard fuels in order to generate the idea.

Moreover, the actual strategies which go to the producing involving handmade jewelry don’t pollute our environment. Therefore seem for the “handmade” label following occasion you might be getting. This way you are able to allow the atmosphere in your private tiny way through picking 100% naturally colored, handmade man made fiber scarves.

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Elegant Silk Scarf

Elegant scarf are often made from high quality silk. These silk scarf may be formal enough to wear to almost any event. Do not be afraid to wear a silk scarf no matter what the occasion, as a properly tied scarf in a great fabric can be highly glamorous. Silk scarves are also available in a wide range of styles. Choose a long scarf that can easily wrap multiple times around your neck for maximum warmth or select a shorter scarf for use as a hair tie or belt. Also decide whether you want fringed ends or a sleeker look or even a built in hood. Many women's scarf styles are also reversible giving you maximum flexibility.

A silk scarf has been one of the ultimate symbols of luxury since its debut. Silk scarves are rich and beautiful. Silk is strong, smooth and takes dye extremely well, resulting in bold, vibrant color.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ways To Look More Parisian This Spring

Wispy scarves.
As we all know, springtime in Williamsburg is about as predictable as a hormonal 7th grader. You never know what you’re going to get. That’s why a light spring scarf is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Most of the boutiques in Paris had a great selection of scarves with unique trim. Paris, however, is moving towards lace or fabric-ball trim and away from the ratty, stringy trim of last summer.

Neck scarves. if you dare. Neck scarves are becoming popular in Paris, and also in London! You can find them at top designer stores like Miu Miu, but also at mainstream stores like H&M. Before attempting the neck-scarf, I would suggest that you first establish a strong Parisian style. Otherwise you might just look like June Cleaver.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ways To Wear a Scarf Video

Hello scarf lovers! It’s getting cold in many parts of the world and scarf are the every-weather accessory that can help you stay warm and fitted. Earlier this year, the good folks at Wendy’s Lookbook put together a helpful how-to guide that offers up some creative alternatives for traditional scarf wearers. Whether you’re into the elegance of “The Classic Drape” or the complexity of “The Braid”, there’s more than likely a look in here that you’ll love.

Watch: 25 ways to wear a scarf video

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fashion Trends: Wearing Scarves

Hello scarves lovers, now is the perfect time to wear light scarves instead of heavy, thick scarves that we wrap ourselves in during the winter months. Silk and chiffon scarves are ideal, actually they are a year round and a must have accessory. They will add such a chic finishing touch to any office outfit.

One scarf goes a long way by wearing or tying it multiple ways. Try tying rolled-up or skinny scarf around the neck and just let it hang (as shown in 1st & 3rd photo). Check out this French Knot style how to. Also go for the cowgirl style (as shown in 2nd & 4th photo) with a bit of an edge.

Friday, 21 October 2011

How To Know If It's Real or Fake Silk

Generally speaking, genuine silk scarves are made by natural silk which is much more expensive than artificial silk scarves because of the great comfort and delicate texture of it. However, we cannot make a conclusion just based on price. Let me provide a few tips for you:

1. Luster: Feel with your fingers and observe with your eyes. The luster of genuine silk scarves is made of natural silk so they are brighter, softer and smoother while on the contrary.

2. Touch the fabric: The fabric of genuine silk scarves is made of natural silk which is soft in fabric. When they are in touch with your skin, you will have a sleek and comfortable feeling. While on the part of artificial silk scarves, the touch feels less soft and natural.

3. Burning: While being burned, genuine silk scarves will give off a smell similar to that of burned feather of bird. Still, the burning usually can’t last long and will extinguish by itself. Contrarily, while an artificial silk scarf is burned, it smells like a burning paper and the burning is quick. Furthermore, we could also tell the difference by observing their burning ashes. The ashes of a genuine silk scarf are crispy, loose and black. While the burning part of artificial silk scarves will hardened into a black mass and leaves little ashes.

4. Rubbing: When you rub genuine silk scarves against your palm vigorously, you will get warm. Artificial silk scarves, however, will stay cool.
This is basic knowledge to differentiate between genuine silk scarves and artificial silk scarves. I hope these methods will save you from being cheated by illegitimate shops.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Scarf : a Versatile Fashion Accessory

A scarf is a versatile fashion accessory - tie a cashmere scarf round your neck to keep out the chill, add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with a silk scarf or use a bright crochet scarf for a touch of color. Wear it round your neck or fasten it round your girdle. Scarves have been in vogue for decades. A Hermes scarf is a must-have on the wish list of those seeking designer brands.

Scarves can don many an avatar. While you can add the timeless look of sophistication to your attire with a silk scarf, a Burberry wool scarf can keep you warm on a cold and dreary day. Choose from a multitude of brightly colored scarves. They are available in bold animal prints, tie and dye patterns, delicate florals, paisleys, embroidered and more! Scarves come in different sizes and shapes.

You can pick a scarf that is square, rectangular or even triangular. Scarves come in a range of fabrics, from silk and cashmere to georgette, pashmina or velvet. Look for soft wool scarves to cozy up on a cold winter evening.

You can go in for long scarves with fringed ends. With this versatile piece of apparel, all you need is your imagination. Tie a gaily-colored silk scarf to hide bad hair. This works well for summer and lends a different look.

Sport a scarf as a bandana. Use a scarf as a sarong or even as a veil. In fact you can create a totally new look with a bright scarf. Coordinate it with different colored outfits. In fact a simple silk scarf can brighten a tee shirt or sweater. You can tie the scarf in many ways too.

For a formal look, you can go for a Rose Knot or classic twist. Get flirtatious with a scarf round your waist. Pin it up with a stylish brooch. Some designer scarves come ready to wear; pre-pleated and pre-knotted. For the designer conscious women, here is a new scarf from Hermes - the scented one. You can pick up a Hermes scarf made with a fabric that is designed to leave a scent on the skin. Hermes scarves have graced Hollywood divas, celebrities and designer label-struck women.

Silk Scarf

Pick up a silk scarf with elegant dyed prints. It is a fashion accessory that will lend a rich and elegant touch to your ensemble. You can pick up prints such as delicate floral tendrils or geometric designs or blooms of flowers. Look for unique silk scarf prints such as those resembling the intricate marble work of the Taj Mahal.

Crepe de chine silk scarves come in exquisite prints and make for an ideal gift. Silk scarves have an elegance and beauty that is unmatched. Handcrafted silk scarves come with hand rolled and sewn edges. Are you looking for an exotic silk scarf? Why not try one that is studded with precious stones such as amethyst, coral and lapis lazuli.

Cashmere Scarf

Jazz up an outfit with a fashionable cashmere scarf. Keep warm with fine cashmere scarves from Fendi or Burberry. Fine knit scarves made of fine merino wool find no match. What else for warmth and style other than a wonderful cashmere and wool combination scarf during the cold winter months? Cashmere scarves come in myriad shades and styles.

You can select them in chocolate brown, navy blue, chestnut or ivory. Some also come with leather trimmings at the neck. You can also get a monogrammed cashmere scarf. Look for embroidered cashmere scarves with your initials in script or modern font.

Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina scarves are made from the fiber of the Capra Hircus goat found on the Himalayan slopes. Skilled Nepali craftsmen weave wonders and come up with exquisite Pashmina scarves. A Pashmina scarf has always been popular with Indian royalty and the aristocracy of the Western world. You may often find pashmina scarves with a blend of silk for added softness and shimmer. The ply of the scarf is indicative of its fineness and luxuriousness.

Monday, 10 October 2011

The History of Scarf

Tradition of wearing a scarf starts from the Romans. On those days, it was called “sudarium” and Roman men used it to wipe the neck and face from the sweat. The scarf was tied at the belt or knotted at the neck area.

Then, the wear of a scarf evolved into various corners of the world. Like in China, the soldiers of DYNASTY CHENG (SHIH HUANG TI) wore scarves made from wool to keep them warm in spite of cold air. In Croatia, the soldiers also wore scarves made from linen and cotton and silk; whereas silk scarf is associated to the workers.

For a very long time, scarf was linked to men’s fashion accessory. It was in 19th century that French women started adopting the fashion trend and make it increasingly growing. Nowadays, scarf has become part of the fashion industry. With a variety of fabrics and patterns, it can even be a focal point on one’s appearance.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Six Tips How to Wear A Scarf

How to Wear A Scarf :
  1. Knot sure how to tie a scarf? No problem: Simply toss a long scarf around your neck and let it hang loose, baby!
  2. Head scarves are equally chic for conservative girls and boho babes alike. Perfect for bad hair days, too.
  3. Worn as a tie around the neck, a scarf literally ties an outfit together. Brilliant!
  4. Tuck a scarf around the neckline beneath a cardigan (or crisp white buttoned-down shirt) to frame the face with gorgeous light, color and texture. We think this photo also inadvertently demonstrates how a scarf can make a great belt!
  5. Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963) shows us how to sport the silk square for its mystique-preserving qualities.
  6. Express your personal style by weaving a scarf through the hardware on your fave handbag. Or, just tie a scarf around one of the straps for instant panache.

Friday, 30 September 2011

How They Wear Silk Scarves

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If you have popped into a store lately, you might have noticed the encyclopedic range of accessory options that are currently available. While hats, belts, and gloves are enjoying their moment in the shopping spotlight, we’d like to turn your attention to a classic adornment—the silk scarf. Unlike the lightweight-scarf-as-a-sweater look that has been enjoying a certain popularity, the slim and silky scarf has a storied past. Associated with style icons like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, this style of neckwear used to confer a certain formality upon the wearer. As seen in today’s above images, that prim and proper association is no more!

This accessory trend can be easily incorporated by anyone, regardless of age or personal style. Vanessa Hudgens and Sienna Miller have both recently been spotted wearing silky scarves secured with a simple knot. This slight embellishment pulls their casual outfits together and infuses them with a certain jaunty spirit. Kylie Minogue and Sharon Stone opted for more involved wrappings and showed off their neck-wares by choosing simple, dark tops. The grand scarf standard is Hermes, naturellment, the maker of many lovely pieces, like the hand-rolled Silk Twill Pleated Scarf. ($355, We also suggest downloading the Hermes Handbook (called “Playtime With Your Scarf”) from their website. It illustrates the zillions of ways to tie your scarf in an amusing and easy-to-follow instructions.

While Hermes scarves never lose their value, if you'd rather dip into this trend, try J. Crew for their wonderful, affordable scarves. Right now their Large Printed-Silk Twill Scarf in Roasted Pumpkin (with a cool, autumnal design) or Mahogany (in dark neutrals) are both smart options. ($55 each, There are scores of gorgeous scarves at Coach as well. Check out their Ergo Patchwork Scarf; it features a cheerful, abstract pattern on imported silk. ($78, If you find scarves fundamentally too preppy, Vera’s Leopard Crepe de Chine in turquoise/black or black/white might change your mind. ($62, Finally, Topshop is offering a skinny version of this look via their Cubic Print Silk Scarf. ($20,

Friday, 19 August 2011

Cameron Diaz With Red Pashmina

Cameron Diaz With Red Pashmina

Cameron Diaz looks beautiful in her red pashmina, which perfectly complements her pretty red and white Oscar de la Renta floral print dress.

Red pashminas can sometimes really over-power an outfit, but here the pashmina adds an extra bit of sizzle to the predominantly white dress, picking out the red detailing without being overbearing.

It’s a great combination! A pashminas is the ideal accessory for formal dresses like Cameron’s classic strapless dress with a hem that falls just below the knee. They add so much flexibility, so you can use the pashmina as an elegant cover-up by wrapping it around your shoulders or let it drape around your elbows.

To top it all off Cameron has matching shoes to go with her pashmina. I love women that match their shoes with their pashminas. If you can accessorize that well you’re a queen and you deserve to be on the red carpet.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Charlize Theron’s Black Pashmina

There are so many great looks for black pashminas, scarves, shawls and wraps that choosing the top 10 celebrity looks has been more than just difficult. Black is such a wardrobe staple for all clothing items that it would easily have been possible to fill this entire top 10 without a single color being visible… so that would have been black evening shawl with black ball gown, black pashmina, black t-shirt, black jeans you get the picture.

Then again, with so many bright outfits using a black pashmina to tone them down those looks could have easily been a separate section too! I’ve tried to spice it up a little bit by mixing up a bit of everything. I hope it gives you some inspiration!

What can you say about a look like this? Clean, crisp, tailored… and well, black. I love the way that Charlize prevents the monochromatic outfit from getting too boring by mixing fabrics with different textures.

Attending a dinner for the film “Sleepwalking” at The Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, the South African actress’ black pashmina is looped simply round her neck and almost blends into the pants and the top. It is really the sheen on the black jacket that gives this outfit a bit of glitz and makes this understated, urban look stand out from the crowd.

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