Saturday, 30 April 2011

Charlize Theron’s Black Pashmina

There are so many great looks for black pashminas, scarves, shawls and wraps that choosing the top 10 celebrity looks has been more than just difficult. Black is such a wardrobe staple for all clothing items that it would easily have been possible to fill this entire top 10 without a single color being visible… so that would have been black evening shawl with black ball gown, black pashmina, black t-shirt, black jeans you get the picture.

Then again, with so many bright outfits using a black pashmina to tone them down those looks could have easily been a separate section too! I’ve tried to spice it up a little bit by mixing up a bit of everything. I hope it gives you some inspiration!

What can you say about a look like this? Clean, crisp, tailored… and well, black. I love the way that Charlize prevents the monochromatic outfit from getting too boring by mixing fabrics with different textures.

Attending a dinner for the film “Sleepwalking” at The Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, the South African actress’ black pashmina is looped simply round her neck and almost blends into the pants and the top. It is really the sheen on the black jacket that gives this outfit a bit of glitz and makes this understated, urban look stand out from the crowd.

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    As you truly pointed out it really enhances a woman's look. Let's found a club of scarf addicted women. I will sign in right away.
    All the best for your blog.


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