Monday, 10 October 2011

The History of Scarf

Tradition of wearing a scarf starts from the Romans. On those days, it was called “sudarium” and Roman men used it to wipe the neck and face from the sweat. The scarf was tied at the belt or knotted at the neck area.

Then, the wear of a scarf evolved into various corners of the world. Like in China, the soldiers of DYNASTY CHENG (SHIH HUANG TI) wore scarves made from wool to keep them warm in spite of cold air. In Croatia, the soldiers also wore scarves made from linen and cotton and silk; whereas silk scarf is associated to the workers.

For a very long time, scarf was linked to men’s fashion accessory. It was in 19th century that French women started adopting the fashion trend and make it increasingly growing. Nowadays, scarf has become part of the fashion industry. With a variety of fabrics and patterns, it can even be a focal point on one’s appearance.

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