Friday, 21 October 2011

How To Know If It's Real or Fake Silk

Generally speaking, genuine silk scarves are made by natural silk which is much more expensive than artificial silk scarves because of the great comfort and delicate texture of it. However, we cannot make a conclusion just based on price. Let me provide a few tips for you:

1. Luster: Feel with your fingers and observe with your eyes. The luster of genuine silk scarves is made of natural silk so they are brighter, softer and smoother while on the contrary.

2. Touch the fabric: The fabric of genuine silk scarves is made of natural silk which is soft in fabric. When they are in touch with your skin, you will have a sleek and comfortable feeling. While on the part of artificial silk scarves, the touch feels less soft and natural.

3. Burning: While being burned, genuine silk scarves will give off a smell similar to that of burned feather of bird. Still, the burning usually can’t last long and will extinguish by itself. Contrarily, while an artificial silk scarf is burned, it smells like a burning paper and the burning is quick. Furthermore, we could also tell the difference by observing their burning ashes. The ashes of a genuine silk scarf are crispy, loose and black. While the burning part of artificial silk scarves will hardened into a black mass and leaves little ashes.

4. Rubbing: When you rub genuine silk scarves against your palm vigorously, you will get warm. Artificial silk scarves, however, will stay cool.
This is basic knowledge to differentiate between genuine silk scarves and artificial silk scarves. I hope these methods will save you from being cheated by illegitimate shops.

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