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Scarf Tying Guide For Winter Scarves

Winter scarves are here to stay. These evergreen textile have won in maintaining their place in every season but especially in winter season even people who are not ‘used to’ of scarves pick them for warmth and ease. Scarves are available in almost all colors and textures so even a simple looking scarf is able to make a big fashion statement. Now-a-days not only women’s scarves we can see the sway of men’s scarves too in the market. In chilly winter day’s most popular form of scarves are head scarves, neck scarves and woolen shawls.

Take a look into a few methods of tying scarves.
  • For a casual look drape scarf around neck and let the two ends hang down. To make this style a little different slightly cross the two sides and use brooch to place.
  • If you are going for semi formal and special event or just want to look awesome then glamours yet elegant way of tying scarf will be best for you. In this way of tying- let the one side of scarf hangs down in front of neck and drapes other side over shoulder. This styling will work with all kinds of scarves whether they are woolen scarves, silk scarves or cotton scarves.
  • Did you hear of slip-knot style? If not, it is the most popular way of tying scarf and famous among both men and women. You need to choose long size scarf, size must be ranged between 5 to 6 feet or even longer. Fold scarf in two halves and hang them across the shoulders. Take the sides of loose ends and pull them through the loop. By doing this process, we make them rest in front of neck. To adjust you need to pull loose ends. You can position scarf in center or just let them hanged from sides.
  • Another casual and popular way of wearing scarf is Chic Bohemian way of tying scarf and is equally suitable for both men and women. What you need to do is place the center of scarf in front of your neck. Make two sides to cross in the opposite side of your neck and bring the two loose ends in front of neck then let them hang down. If you don’t want to follow this style you can bring variation in this too. Wrap the scarf around neck many times until whole length of scarf get wrapped then tuck ending point. In this way your scarf will look like a neck warmer.
  • If we look at women’s fashion history most of their outfits are inspired from men’s attires and here is another example of inspired style – a way of tying scarf like men’s business tie. This is a great way of tying woolen or other warm scarves in nail biting cold of winters and is apt for office environment. To tie it- wrap scarf in the back of neck and bring the two ends in front. One end should be slightly longer than other. Now bring the longer side towards the shorter and make a knot in the center of neck. Let the two ends hang then adjust it.

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