Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Scarves For Women

Six scarves every man should gift his wife

If you’re a guy reading this then we just resolved your perennial problem about what to give to your wife or girlfriend on her birthday. Present her with a different type of scarf along with a box of chocolates and roses. She won’t be complaining about your choice or shopping sense for at least the next five years! If you’re a single girl reading this go ahead and shop for yourself. Nevertheless, if you’re hooked, pester your partner into getting these fabulous accessories for you. Usually, silk scarves are the most popular but there are all kinds of scarves available categorized according to cloth, style and motif. Here are six must-possess scarves for everyone:
  1. Silk scarf: A silk scarf is the ultimate stylish gift to give anyone. However, scarves come in cotton, polyester, wool and other cloth materials too. But nothing beats a silk scarf. You can order a special silk scarf all the way from China, India, or Africa. There is an overwhelming range of these scarves sold at online stores. Some scarves are specially made by organizations involved in charity. You can locate their websites easily. For every scarf you buy from these organizations, the proceeds help provide education, food and shelter to women and children. Some manufacturers selling scarves also donate proceeds for helping people with illness.
  2. World City scarf: Which is your favorite city or where did you spend your honeymoon? Don’t forget to get a scarf with the map or photo of a monument from a city special to both of you. These memento scarves are a huge hit with top Hollywood personalities and of course people of all ages.
  3. Head scarf: People in the Middle East following the Arab and Islamic cultures have a mandatory head scarf to be used by women and, in some cases, by men too. However, you will be surprised to know how these head scarves for women have evolved as fashion accessories. Religion and modern fashion has helped create one of the most fascinating accessories for women! There is a special technique to tie and wrap these scarves which you can easily learn from the internet.
  4. Indian dress scarf: This is a long scarf usually worn by women in the Indian subcontinent as part of their daily dress. It is draped around the neck with the ends falling either over the back or the other way round with the ends falling in front. It can be draped over just one shoulder. But this scarf has become extremely popular in the west. Even men have started using the traditional Indian dress scarf with informal wear. Several Hollywood stars have quite often been seen wearing this long scarf.
  5. Beach scarf: This is made of special towel material and it is larger than the regular scarf as a rectangular shape unlike the Indian dress scarf which is more longer. This scarf can not only be draped around your shoulders but also around your waist over your bathing suit. A beach scarf comes with matching bathing suit and shower cap!
  6. Embroidered exotic display scarf: This scarf is not for wearing. It is usually from China or India and has an intricate design that may be a mandala for meditation. This kind of a scarf is meant for hanging up on the wall – in a frame setting or in low-dust environments without a frame. Eastern cultures – Japanese, Buddhist, Hindu etc – attach a great importance to scarves with religious mantras as motifs and these scarves form a necessary part of an attire during special ceremonies.
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