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How To Tie Scarves For Chemo Patients

How To Tie Scarves For Chemo Patients
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Female cancer patients will never be embarrassed when they start losing their hair if they live in countries where women traditionally wear veils or scarves as a sign of purity, decency, or respect to God. Thanks to the creativity of international fashion designers that incorporate scarves to their masterpieces as clothing accessories, the cancer patient has hope. It is important then to learn how to tie head scarves for cancer patients to be ready when the situation calls for it.

It’s already tough to be diagnosed with cancer. Keeping oneself presentable will be a challenge after a series of treatments are done. However, this is essential for cancer patients to be motivated always in beautifying themselves so that they won’t get too devastated when they see their reflection in the mirror. You can be a savior to a loved one who’s already feeling down when affected with the disease. Here’s how to help:
  • Purchase a large square scarf that will coordinate with any colors. Neutral colors will be more flexible. Choose the ones with simple but elegant patterns. Lay the scarf on a surface following the shape of a diamond. Hold the upper tip then bring it to a fold halfway reaching the opposite tip. You have folded it correctly if the scarf is now formed into a triangle.
  • Hold both ends up with the pointed side on the back of the head and the flattened portion lining up with the forehead. The two corners should already be hanging one on the right and the other one on the left over the shoulders. Balance the placement of the scarf properly before proceeding to the next step.
  • Bring the two tips together underneath the head and secure with a knot. Double the knot to make it more secure. Adjust the fitting to make it securely fixed but still comfortable. Get a hold of the tip at the back corner and tuck it under the knot. The knot can be hidden also by tucking the bulging part underneath it.
  • There will be new protruding corners on the right and left upper part of the head, but they will be too short to tuck underneath the knot. So tie them together at the back of the head. The scarf should be neatly in place now. This style of wearing a scarf will not be easily blown off by the wind.
If you are in the mood to recreate the look of the late Princess of Monaco who was also a famous American actress, Grace Kelly, modify the method slightly for a glamorous look. This can fit all occasions during the day and can also boost the confidence while traveling or having a walk in the neighborhood park. The folding procedures are more or less the same. But after gathering the folded corners and you have tied them together already, leave the ends loose.

Do not forget to make Princess Grace’s signature sunglasses handy. A pair of tortoise shell sunglasses will do just fine. You can alternate rectangular and oblong scarves for the other days to make this fashion sense of yours more fun. How to tie head scarves for cancer patients should be easy. Scarves are comfortable and nice to wear. How much more relaxing if they look really attractive? This is definitely something that a cancer patient can be happy about.



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