Sunday, 15 January 2012

Do You Know Why French Women Wear Scarves

french women

A key ingredient in the recipe for style, here in the City of Lights, Parisian women — young, old, in between — don’t wear scarves… they flaunt them. A splash of panache, affecting walk, attitude; a confident flair; a statement to gawking tourists: I am French, and you are not!

The scarf in the window is une jolie echarpe. A Beautiful Scarf. A black veil of a scarf, patterned with black flowers, connoting romance; mystery. Only I don’t want black. I want color.

“Bonjour,” the young saleswoman says, as I enter the empty shop, her French voice a rhythmic lilt. She adjusts the already-perfect symmetry of gloves, berets and scarves displayed on top of the glass counter she is standing behind…

…”Your scarf…”

I turn to him.

“It is wonderful,” he says. “Le couleur d’une bonne nuit.”

“Le couleur d’une bonne nuit?”

“The color of a good night,” he says.

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