Tuesday, 9 November 2010

10 Great Reasons for Investing in Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Shawls

Few women's accessories represent such tremendous value for money as exquisite hand painted silk scarves and shawls, and here are 10 of the top reasons for investing in your own personal collection.

1. Versatility
Women's silk scarves and shawls are simply some of the most versatile accessories that any woman could choose to introduce to her wardrobe. Not only do they have the potential to transform just about any piece of clothing and any part of the body, but they can also be worn in the hair and used to decorate your favorite purse.

2. Warmth/Coolness
The amazing properties of the 100% pure silk which is used to make hand painted silk scarves and shawls mean that they keep you beautifully cool in the heat and yet retain the warmth in winter. Being able to wear them all year round means even better value for money.

3. Luxury
There can be few women who would say no to being swaddled in the absolute luxury of pure silk decorated with a unique hand painted design. For sheer luxury, elegance and sophistication, it simply doesn't get any better than this.

4. Exclusivity
Although a huge variety of silk scarves and shawls can be found in the stores, those which are hand painted are all unique and exclusive works of wearable art. Rest assured that you will never bump into anyone wearing the exact same accessory.

5. Timelessness
Silk scarves and shawls have been around for centuries and yet have consistently represented a key ingredient in women's wardrobes across the globe. With one of these gorgeous accessories, you will never be out of fashion.

6. Agelessness
Unlike many clothes and accessories, silk scarves and shawls can be worn by women of any age. Teamed with ripped jeans, they make the ultimate fashion statement for the younger generation and, as the years progress, they can add style to just about any outfit worn by any woman of any age.

7. Perfect for all shapes and sizes
As we all know, some clothes and accessories just do not work on certain shapes and sizes of wearers and if you choose badly the effect can be extremely unflattering. Silk scarves and shawls, however, can be used in such a variety of different ways that they can draw attention to just the features that you want to accentuate.

8. Perfect for all colorings
With many mass-produced clothes and accessories, only a limited range of colors is available and so choosing something to suit your skin coloring can be extremely difficult. Hand painted scarves and shawls, on the other hand, use a much wider color palette and so finding just the shade to suit is very much easier.

9. The ultimate confidence booster
They say that if you look good, you will also feel great, and in fact nothing could be truer. In one of these stunning accessories, your look of elegance and sophistication will make your confidence positively soar.

10. Sheer unadulterated beauty
With the talent, care and attention which goes into creating handmade silk scarves and shawls, they simply cannot be beaten for sheer unadulterated beauty!

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