Saturday, 16 February 2013

How to Tie Silk Scarves - 7 Different Ways

Silk scarves are one of the most common pieces of clothing accessories preferred fashionable people the world over.

This is primarily because of the benefits of wearing a scarf. Apart from making a fashion statement, these gorgeous fashion accessories provide warmth during the cold and chilly season. They are also useful in preventing the wind, rain and snow from blowing down your neck. They are also cool in the summer and hot weather. Depending on the creativity and the objective of the individual, there are many ways in to tie a silk scarf. Other factors that influence the style of tying a scarf include shape, size and the design on the scarf.

Below are some common ways on "How to tie a scarf":

This is the simplest way of tying a scarf. You need to just place the scarf on top of the head so that it covers the head and the neck completely. Now the two ends of the scarf have to be brought in front and tied under the chin. It gives a very rural look.

This style is aptly suitable for those using short scarves. Just roll the scarf and wrap it around the neck. Now, bring the two ends of the scarf in front and tie them up. Make sure that the length of one end is longer than the other one. This style goes well with casuals such as denims.

Another simple method of how to tie scarves is to hold the scarf in the middle and wrap it around the neck. Hold the ends of the scarf so that both are of equal size. Now just make a simple knot in the front..In case of wider and long shawls, one can just wrap it around in the form of a shawl.

Another way of wearing a silk scarf is to use it as a head scarf in a rock-style fashion. In this style, the scarf is placed over the head. The ends of the scarf are tied below the hairline at the back of the head.

You can also wear a silk scarf in the form of a bow. This style is suitable for long scarves, where the entire scarf is wrapped around the neck and tied so that it resembles a bow. Here, the design of the scarf appears at the back of the body, while the knot is in front.

Another more casual way of wearing a small scarf is to use it as a handbag accessory. Small designer scarves can be used for this style. You can thread the scarf through the handles of a handbag and leave it hanging. Apart from personalizing the handbag and making it more identifiable, this styles peps up the color of the bag too.

Silk scarves can also be used as hip scarves, where a long oblong silk scarf is draped around the hips like a scarf belt. The ends of the scarf are tied at the front of the body. You can also tie the ends sideways. By wearing it this way, you can make your waist look smaller and more delicate.

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